Bunion Surgery


A bunion is a bony protrusion located at the base of the big toe. A lot of people think that bunions form due to new bone growth, where in fact, it is just bone that is slowly being pushed outwards due to weak structures in the foot.

Bunion surgery typically involves realigning the first metatarsal so that the joint no longer protrudes. This is done by applying local anesthetic to numb the affected foot. In some cases, a sedative may be used to calm the patient. The surgery last about an hour and is usually done on an outpatient basis. The goal of bunion surgery is to restore normal alignment of the joint and alleviate foot pain.

Types of bunion surgery

Typical or Traditional Bunion Surgery

Typical bunion surgery is done by making a 5 to 7 cm incision to expose the bulging bone. Then a part of the metatarsal head is removed; this procedure is called bunionectomy or exostetomy. Next, the bone is cut around the neck of the metatarsal bone; the free head is repositioned to a more normal position. Once the bones are well-positioned they are pinned to place and excess bone is removed. Then finally, the skin is closed. In traditional bunion surgery, expect swelling and pain after surgery. It also takes 6 to 8 weeks of recovery time during which crutches are required for mobility.

Scarless or No Scar Bunion Surgery

This is a new bunion surgery technique that is less invasive compared to the traditional type of surgery. This involves a very small incision, about 5mm. Then a live x-ray is used to help the surgeon locate the best place to cut the metatarsal bone. After cutting, the bone is realigned to its adjacent metatarsal bones to make the foot look as normal as possible. Once the bone is repositioned to its ideal location, a pin is inserted to immobilize the bone and the incision is closed. Scarless or no scar bunion surgery is absolutely painless and the procedure is done as an outpatient basis. There is minimal pain and swelling after surgery, and recovery time is only about 2 to 3 days, while some patients are up and about in just a day.




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