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No scar bunionectomy 3 years ago. Preop, post op xrays. Even I didn't think she would get a good result the time of consultation due to the amount of arthritis seen and severity of pain preop. 3 years later the patient returns and has referred many patients to the practice for the minimally invasive bunionectomy.

Don't do bunion surgery without seeing this.

One year followup showing bone remodeling of the ledge as see in our videos and posters. There is usually not a need to take down the natural ledge as your body will remodel such with time about a year or so. Results that matter. The Minimally invasive method and healing of the ledge is not well understood unless you are familiar with this technique. Don't let someone inexperienced in this technique give you advice.

Minimally-invasive no scar bunionectomy As Seen On TV as well as seen in the 2017 Podiatry Institute update manual for bunion surgeries


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