End the misery of bunions with minimal recovery time, and most remarkably, very minimal to no scars!!!

 Cost effective , can be done in the safety of the ambulatory surgical suite. 

 Virtually painless!!!

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Bunion surgery does not have to be a scary ordeal. Surgeon selection and following post operative protocol is the key to success. We do the most bunion surgeries in our region. Call for your consultation with one our doctors and you'll be a success story.

Dr. Kevin Lam is Double Board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery.

First Podiatrist in Collier County, Florida to achieve such double certification.

Only 600+ DPM's are double certified in the United States.
top bunion surgeon

Truth of No scar bunionectomy
8 weeks post surgery

Don't do bunion surgery without seeing this. 

No Scar Bunion Surgery 3 years ago

No scar bunionectomy after 4 wks, she is ready for the other foot. Now the left was the bad foot. no bone removed, one stitch. Walk on your heels the first day out of surgery, no cast or crutches, virtually no pain. We do traditional bunionectomies as well as the minimally invasive version as pioneers in this type of surgery. Can understand all types of bunionectomies, surgeons not familiar w the scarless bunionectomy, just don't understand the post op recovery or the stabilization required. Luckily for patients the medical equipment industry has been education more and more surgeons to adopt this. We are the pioneers that others learn from.

Don't get bunion surgery until you see this video.  An eye opening view of a patient 3 years out pre and post-op x-rays as well as post-operative view of the patient and actual patient interview.


Bunions and tailor's bunion fixed Patient With 4 bunions fixed w no scar.

Minimally Invasive bunionectomy one year followup

One year followup showing bone remodeling of the ledge as seen in our videos and posters.  There is usually not a need to take down the natural ledge as your body will remodel such with time about a year or so.  Results that matter.    The Minimally invasive method and healing of the ledge is not well understood unless you are familiar with this technique.    Don't let someone inexperienced in this technique give you advice.

What your doctor may not know about bunions


What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Bunion Surgery

Dr. Kevin Lam of Naples, FL reflects upon his career & the evolution of bunionectomies for his practice of
No scar bunionectomy see the full story.  Patient travels over 1000 miles for the no scar results.
No pain, no scar bunion surgery.
2weeks post op scarless bunionectomy. Removing the one stitch, no pain,
no scars, no complications.

DO not have your bunion done elsewhere.

No scar, no pain, quicker recovery.

 Bunion surgery done in only 12 minutes.

Scarless bunionectomy via minimally invasive method. Modified to be done in the office.

Quick, no pain, no scar.

Back to running in 8 wks. Patient very happy. Virtually no scar.

Modified Italian procedure for our active patients of Naples, FL.

Awesome results.

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Another successful bunionectomy.

No scar bunion. Back to work fast and no pain.

Results amazing.

Minimally invasive surgery for bunion along with minimal incision flat foot repair. Match made in center of excellence in Naples ,FL with DR. KEVIN LAM.

Lam bunionectomy meets @hyprocure flat foot implant. Results are amazing.

Lam ModificationBunionectomy.  Painless/ scarless bunionectomy

 5mm Minimally Invasive Painless Bunionectomy

Dr. Kevin Lam introduces the Lam modification of a minimally scarring aka 5mm bunionectomy

Minimal incision, minimal discomfort, virtually painless bunionectomy.

Interview with a formerly anxious patient, she is back for the other foot at week 8.

NO need to fear the bunionectomy due to pain or scarring.

Decompression Bunionectomy: Arthritic Bunion

Not all bunions are created equal and neither should your surgeon treat every bunion the same way.

Here is an instance where a decompression is needed vs any other bunionectomy.

If your surgeon does one type of bunionectomy and only that type, you may want a second opinion.

Bunion Surgery Patient Testimonials
Patients talking about their experience with bunion surgery along with pre and post operative xray findings. 

 Bunion surgery does not have to be a scary ordeal. Surgeon selection and following post operative protocol is the key to success. 

We do the most bunion surgeries in our region. Call for your consultation with one our doctors and you'll be a success story.

Xrays After Bunion Surgery

Post bunion surgery x-rays at 7 weeks with full healing noted.

Pain-free and able to go about her activities.

 Foot Pain and Bunions

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We believe that walking is a gift that is most appreciated when it is lost or impaired.

Result of scarless bunionectomy surgery

 A Tale of 2 Bunions

Dr. Kevin Lam of discusses bunionectomies. Both performed by the same surgeon.

Minimally invasive on the left , traditional on the right.

Patient's response is not surprising to see or hear.

Great results, no scar.
Innovative, no scar, no pain bunionectomy explained

Dr. Kevin Lam top podiatrist shows and discusses his modification for bunion and bunionette surgery.

Results amazing and can be done in the office. Dr. Kevin Lam modified the procedure to be done in the office, under local anesthesia.

Saves time, money, and less risk of infection and complications.

Bunion Surgery post op at 4 and 6 weeks. Must see!
Dislocated bunion, quick fix

No Scar Bunion Surgery

No scar bunionectomy result.  Happy patient showing off her "scars"   Traditional bunionectomies leaves an ugly / painful scar, the minimally invasive bunionectomy gets you on your feet faster same day of surgery.      Reduces pain to almost 2 out of 10 by the 3rd day according to our published study.       

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#Bunionectomy for men with no scar.  #manbunion

Majority of our patients getting bunionectomies are women but can't forget the guys, they get bunions also. 

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Minimally invasive Bunion Surgery Story

Real life , real time bunionectomy testimonials all in one morning on 8/18/2017. Uneditted / raw footage of patient discussion. Xray findings and clinical outcomes. Most experienced, best results.

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Scarless #bunionectomy

10 months after the minimally invasive bunionectomy no pain no scar patient is wearing the same size shoe whereas previously previously she required two different shoes one for each foot. Patient is adjusting to her new foot and range of motion without limitations. #awesome

#bunionking #Topdoc #NaplesFL #SWFL  

Minimally invasive Bunion Surgery Story

Don't have bunion surgery until you see this

Scarless Bunionectomy

Follow up of a patient that has had the minimum invasive bunionectomy one and a half year ago returning to make the other foot match notice the huge, significant difference between the two feet.
Before you consider bunion surgery considered the Melanie vasive scarless bunionectomy exclusively available at www.Naplespodiatrist.Com

Another Successful minimally invasive bunionectomy

Dr. Kevin Lam and his minimally invasive bunionectomy procedure, as seen in the 2017 Podiatry Institute bunion surgery update textbook.

Hammertoe release 2nd toe. No blade, no sutures.


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