Frequently Asked Questions about Bunions

Bunions and its associated pain has been a real problem for a lot of people. Most of the time, these people are just misinformed on how to handle bunions and its associated bunion pains. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about bunions.

Bunions FAQ

What causes bunions?

Bunions are common caused by improper footwear. Women in particular are prone to bunions because of wearing pointy tight high heels. Genetics also contribute to bunion occurrences. This is why we find bunion cases even among very young children.

Do over the counter products like bunion splints and pads help relieve pain?

Yes, bunion splints and pads can provide relieve from bunion pain but these products won’t reverse the bunion deformity.

Do bunions get worse?

A bunion is a progressive condition and it will get worse over time.  Using improper footwear will hasten the progression of a bunion, while doctor-recommended orthotics and special shoes may help delay the growth of the bunion and lessen bunion pain.

Can I get bunion surgery even if my bunion doesn’t cause any pain?

Bunion surgery is only considered when all non-operative or conservative bunion treatments no longer provide relief from pain. Bunion surgery can also be considered for aesthetic reasons depending on the age of the patient.

Is bunion surgery painful?

Each patient has their own tolerance to pain, but a new surgical technique called minimally invasive bunion surgery provides very little pain and swelling, since very little manipulation is needed to fix the bone deformity of the bunion.

How soon can I walk after surgery?

It depends on the procedure done to fix the bunion. With traditional bunion surgery, it usually takes weeks before you can walk without the use of crutches. With minimally invasive surgery, some patients can freely walk on the balls of their feet and a special surgical boot a day after surgery.

Dr. Kevin Lam is a Double Certified foot and ankle surgeon in Naples, Florida and has developed the Lam modification bunion surgery which utilizes a very small incision and virtually painless no scar bunion surgery. For more information, call (239) 430-3668 (FOOT)

Call (239) 430-3668 (FOOT)

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