Minimal Invasive or No Scar Bunion Surgery

Minimal invasive bunion surgery is a new surgical technique that has far greater advantages compared to the traditional open bunion surgery.

Also called scarless bunionectomy or no scar bunion surgery, this procedure involves a very small incision about the diameter of a pencil. No bone is removed in this type of surgery. It is important to mention that there is no bone growth or tumors in bunions. It is actually the head of the first metatarsal bone protruding out. Due to this, there is less tissue damage during surgery and less pain and swelling after surgery.

Traditional bunionectomy requires a 5 inch incision therefore leaving a huge scar. On the other hand, minimal invasive surgery requires only a half inch incision, which leaves a very small scar that is barely visible, leaving your foot looking beautiful, as if it never has gone thru surgery.

Who needs bunion surgery?

Pain is the defining factor why people go thru bunion surgery. If the pain caused by the bunion is no longer tolerable, then surgery is most often recommended. Another less common factor is for aesthetic reasons. Some patients who do not suffer from bunion pain would want to have normal-looking feet. Not all bunions are painful, but if they do, the initial step before going to surgery is to alleviate the pain using adaptive footwear like special shoes or orthotics.

Why do we have bunions?

Bunions form due to weakness in the structures of the foot, which causes the first metatarsal bone to protrude outwards and the big toe leaning inwards. As the bunion slowly protrudes outwards, this area can rub against your shoes while walking, which could cause swelling and pain. About a quarter of people will develop a bunion at some point in their lives, where women have greater incidence than men. Wearing the shoes like high heels and tight footwear can hasten the formation of bunions.

So when deciding to have bunionectomy, it is important to know that there is an option besides the traditional bunion removal. The innovative, virtually no pain and no scar bunion surgery can give you better outcome in your bunion treatment.


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