Benefits of No Scar Bunion Surgery or Minimally Invasive Surgery

A bunion is bony protrusion located at the base of the big toe which can be asymptomatic while it is still small but can cause severe pain as it grows larger. Sometimes, the pain is so severe that patients are unable to walk, thus affecting their quality of life.

There are several ways to treat bunions. Some of these are using wider shoes, wearing orthotics, and stretching exercises for the feet.
no scar bunion surgery

Eventually, you will need surgery to truly treat bunion pain. Some doctors still practice the traditional way to treat bunions which involves removing a portion of the protruding bone. Unfortunately, this old technique requires a large incision and multiple stitches which are very visible when the wound heals. Also, since the procedure is quite invasive and requires removal of some bone, recovery can take months. There can also be severe pain and swelling after surgery.

Fortunately, a new surgical procedure called minimally invasive bunion surgery or no scar bunion surgery is now being practiced and provides several advantages versus traditional bunionectomy:

1.       The scar is very small to almost invisible. The procedure only requires a 5mm incision, which is barely visible when the incision heals. Hence, it is called no scar bunion surgery.

2.       There is no bone removal. The first metatarsal bone is only cut, then the large toes are aligned accordingly with the second toe, then the bone is fixed or immobilized using a pin or screw. The head of the metatarsal bone is positioned so that it is no longer protruding. Bone removal is no longer necessary.

3.       Since the procedure requires very little manipulation, there is very minimal pain and swelling. Some patients are able to use the involved foot in just a day after surgery. Recovery is also very fast, a patient can walk with the pin inserted, but it typically takes 8 weeks for full recovery. At this point the bones have completely fused and healed.

So, don’t be scared to get those ugly and painful bunions removed, with minimally invasive or no scar bunion surgery, you’ll be back on your feet totally pain-free in the shortest possible time.

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