What is Minimally Invasive or

No Scar Bunion Surgery?

A bunion is a common foot problem that can cause mild to severe foot pain and foot deformity. Bunions form mainly because of structural weaknesses of the foot. There are several factors that can lead to bunion formation such as using the wrong footwear. This is a good example of acquiring the bunions. Bunions can also be hereditary, where a person naturally has a weak foot structure. This type of bunion commonly affects children.

The initial treatment of bunions is typically supportive. Medications like non-steroidal inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs are given for the pain and swelling. Special shoes can also be used to support the foot to prevent or slow down the growth of the bunion.

Unfortunately, the pain and swelling caused by bunions can be a lifelong event, and the best way to treat the pain and the unsightly appearance of your foot is thru bunion surgery. You may have heard of the painful and very long recovery time of bunion surgeries but this is a thing of the past. A new surgical technique called scarless bunion surgery or minimal invasive surgery is an innovative surgical procedure that causes very little swelling after surgery, resulting to a very quick recovery time. Patients are able to walk 2 to 3 days post-op, thus making it very ideal for today’s busy lifestyles.

No scar bunion surgery involves making a very small incision, only about 5 millimeters, below the protrusion of the bunion or somewhere around the neck of the first metatarsal bone, which is then cut. Then the free end of the metatarsal bone is carefully aligned with its adjacent structures using live x-ray.  After alignment, a long pin is inserted to stabilize the bone.  No bone is cut or removed from this new surgical technique, unlike the old technique where some of the protruding bone is removed, this results to minimal pain and swelling after surgery.

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