Simple ways to prevent bunions

People commonly describe a bunion as bump found at the base of the big toe. But most don’t realize that a bunion is more than just bump on the feet, it reflects the changes in the bony and other structures of the foot.  Medically termed as hallux valgus, hallux in Latin means big toe and valgus means displacement of a part of limb from the midline.

Bunions get worse in time, it is a progressive condition. Bunions typically start a when the big toe joint begins to leans outwards, continuously changing the angle of the bones over the years, producing the characteristic bump.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to slow down the progression bunions which will be discussed below:

1.       Wear perfect fitting shoes. Shoes are the number cause of bunions in women, wearing tight pointy high heeled shoes compress the feet in an awkward position, forcing the joints outward and the tips of the toes inwards, ideal for bunion formation. Never use these types of shoes, instead, use shoes that perfectly fit you. The shoes should be wide enough and should be half an inch longer so that they don’t compress your feet.

2.       Walk barefoot. Our shoes help support our feet, but wearing shoes all day can actually weaken the natural supporting structures of the foot. To help strengthen them up again, walk barefoot. This is actually a good workout for your feet because the muscles and tendons that are not that active while wearing shoes are now being stretched and used again.

3.       Try to reduce weight. Being overweight is torture for your feet, not only will you bunions get worse and painful, other foot conditions can occur like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis, so losing weight is actually good for your feet.

4.        Foot exercises. Exercises like toe stretches, toe flexing and contracting, resistance exercise, ball roll, picking marbles and the like can help increase muscle tone and stretch or relax the ligaments and tendons of the feet.


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