Proper Footwear to Prevent Bunions

A lot of people think that bunions can only affect women and the elderly. The fact is, bunions can occur at any age, even the very young and men, too, can be susceptible to this painful foot condition.

A bunion forms when two bones on the foot no longer align with each other.  Normally, our toe bones align with the metatarsal bones. Now, due to weakness on the foot’s structure or when the foot is forced into unnatural positions, the bones can misalign, causing the joint behind the big toe to protrude outwards  thus forming a bunion. When this happens on the pinky or small toe, it is called a tailor’s bunion.

How Do Bunions Form?

The most common cause of bunions is wearing improper footwear. Women in particular are very prone to bunions due wearing pointy high heeled shoes. Some women would say that they don’t form any bunions after wearing these types of shoes, little do they know that with years of constant use, the structures of the foot will eventually weaken and a bunion can form. Unfortunately, when the bunion forms, it is irreversible since this is a progressive condition, meaning the bunion will get worse thru time.

Also, genetics play a big part in the occurrence of bunions. These patients are born with weak foot structures, hence, forming a bunion even at an early age.

What Should You Do If You Have Bunions?

During the early stages of bunions, patients remain asymptomatic and don’t complain about any pain. Not only until the later stages of the bunion when the patient experience irritating foot pain do they seek medical attention. This is the wrong approach when dealing with bunions. As stated earlier, a bunion is a progressive disease and when the pain starts, it will only get more painful as the years go by. During the late stages of bunions, only surgery such as minimally invasive bunion surgery can effectively treat bunions.

The best way to deal with bunions is to prevent it and this is simply done by using comfortable, perfectly fitting shoes. Never wear tight shoes, especial high heels that crunch the toes. If you are born with bunions, visit a podiatrist so that they can prescribe special or custom made shoes for you. Using proper fitting shoes drastically delays the bunions progress versus tight fitting shoes which can hasten or worsen bunions.

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