Preventive Treatment For Bunions

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One common foot problem that usually affects women is bunions. Bunions are a foot deformity that is commonly caused by wearing tight, pointy and high heeled shoes. Also, bunions can be hereditary. This is the reason why children also affected by this condition.

The main problem with bunions is the pain that they cause. Some patients experience excruciating pain, making them unable to walk and can affect their quality of life. But not all bunions are painful, especially when the bump is not that large. Unfortunately, the bunion could grow larger thru time and it can even be accelerated by using pointy high-heeled shoes.

The best way to manage bunions is to treat it as early as possible to prevent its progression. Stopping or slowing down the protrusion of the first metatarsal bone is the key in halting future bunion pains and this can be easily done by:

1.       Use comfortable fitting shoes. Never wear hard and tight pointy shoes because these types of shoes compress your feet and squeezes all the toes at the pointy part of the shoe. Hence, formation of the bunion. Using perfectly fitting shoes allows your feet to stretch.

2.       Walk barefoot. Walking without any shoes frees your feet, allowing the ligaments, tendons and muscles of your feet to freely move, and this actually strengthens all the internal structures of your foot.

3.       Foot exercise and stretching. Just like walking barefoot, regular exercise and stretching can considerably strengthen your foot muscles. Using your hands to stretch your big toe to its proper alignment, and then stretching the rest of your toes. Flexing your toes using your hands or pushing against the floor.

4.       Use a bunion pad. During the early stage, a bunion pad is a must have because it redirects your toe back to its proper alignment.

Unfortunately, the more advanced cases of bunions are difficult to treat and the only way to treat the pain is thru surgery. A new surgical procedure called minimally invasive bunion surgery or no scar bunion surgery is a must have procedure whenever you suffer from bunion pain. This new procedure involves a tiny scar and requires minimal manipulation but offers great results.


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