How to Control Bunion Pain at Home

Nowadays, more and more people are having foot problems like bunions, which can cause mild to severe pain. Not all people have symptomatic bunions, during the initial stages when the first metatarsal bone is not protruding that much, this stage can cause mild or no pain. But during the later stages, when the protrusion becomes more prominent, this can cause mild to severe pain.

The best way to treat bunion pain is to remove the bunion itself, a new medical procedure called minimally invasive or no scar bunion surgery promises very minimal pain and swelling, with very a short recovery period. Some patients are able to walk a day after surgery.

But if you’re not ready for surgery, there are conservative ways to control bunion pain like the RICE method. This method is really simple to do at home or at work, RICE means rest, ice, compression and elevation and will be explained in detail as follows:

Rest – allowing your foot to rest will stop all joint movement such as rubbing of the first metatarsal bone against your shoe. Allowing your foot to rest for a few minutes will stop any irritations which could help reduce any pain.

Ice – Cold stimuli is an effective way in controlling pain and swelling. Prepare a basin full of water and ice, and then dip the affected foot at regular intervals. This can cause a numbing or analgesic effect on the affected foot, relieving pain.

Compression – wrapping your foot with an elastic bandage immobilizes the foot, which can also help reduce pain while resting. Also the elastic bandage can cover the bulging bunion and can even pull the first metatarsal inward, therefore temporarily reducing the protruding bone.

Elevate – If your foot is swollen, try elevating your foot above your heart. This will result to recirculation of bodily fluids pooling on your foot.

This works well for mild bunions. However, as the bunion grows in size, it can be quite painful. In these cases, more advanced treatment methods are needed.
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