5 WaysTo Relieve Bunion Pain - No Surgery!


Do you have a bump at the base of your big toe? Does it cause discomfort or pain during activities or at rest? If so, you most likely have a bunion.

A bunion, or hallux valgus in medical terms, is an abnormal outward protrusion of the metatarsophalangeal joint. This is caused by years of unnatural motion and pressure to the foot and joint forcing the big toe joint to protrude outwards and the tip of the toe to bend inwards. Also, hereditary factors play a big role in bunion formation due to genetically weak foot structures causing the joint to protrude. Most bunions do not cause any pain, but if they do, pain can range from mild to severe.

Fortunately, there are ways to ease bunion pain.

1.       Reduce weight. When we walk, run or stand, our foot carries the weight of our whole body and at the same time, constantly adjusts to keep our balance and prevent us from falling. Imagine the constant pressure our feet endure every day. Reducing weight and maintaining the ideal body weight can drastically relieve the foot from further stress and thus minimizes the bunion-related foot pain.

2.       Use gel pads or mole skin. Our shoes are made for an anatomically correct foot, so if you have a bunion, it is inevitable for the protrusion to rub against the walls of the shoe causing irritation and pain.

3.       Purchase the right footwear. If you have a family history of bunions, it is advisable to wear pointy high heeled shoes.  The majority of patients who have bunions are women and these types of shoes are the culprit. Shoes with toe boxes are preferred to prevent the occurrence of bunions or if you all ready have bunions, to prevent the irritation of the bunion.

4.       Medications. Non-steriodal anti-inflammatory medications can be used to relieve bunion pains such as ibuprofen.

5.       Ice. Dipping your feet on ice cold water after a long days work can help relieve bunion pain and soreness.

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